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Rent To Own London Ontario

What happens if I have really bad credit?
Don’t worry, most of our clients do not currently qualify for a mortgage, this is why we have a credit counsellor and mortgage broker work with you to groom your credit while you lease.

What happens to our deposit?
The deposit you place on the property initially is deducted from the purchase price at the end of term ( two or three years)

How much of our monthly payments goes towards our purchase price?
Typically around a full 20% of your monthly payments go towards your eventual purchase price... like a monthly savings plan.

How long are your lease terms?
Usually only two or three years.

Who pays for regular maintenance?
Just like regular homeowners you are responsible for all repairs and any changes you wish to make to the property to improve it or to add your personal details.

Are property taxes included in my monthly payment?
Yes – all taxes and property insurance is covered in your monthly payments... you will want to get content insurance however.

Will I know the eventual purchase price before I sign a lease?
Absolutely!! ALL prices, costs and responsibilities etc. are clearly stated in all our documentation

Can I choose my own home?
Yes – Pick YOUR home from the MLS listing like everyone else... you work with one of our realtors to choose a listed house... have you already seen one you like?


Minimum $6,000 Down Payment Required